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Kohatu Kohatu

In the indigenous New-Zealander language, the word ’’maori’’ means simple, natural. Legends say, they used this word to differentiate the normal people from the dwellers of the spirit world. We also believe in simplicity and naturalism, because our ingredients form a strong bond between us and the infield. We’ve created a New-Zealand type single hop New England IPA, which serves as a homage to simplicity and the maori culture. Thanks to the New-Zealander kohatu hopfruit’s aroma, this double cold-hopped beer is proud and eventful, just like the ancient Haka dance, yet fresh and calming, like the scent of the Pacific Ocean. Let’s have a toast to the maori’s health, who simply call themselves ’’tangata whenua’’, meaning the people of the earth.

  • Style: DDH Single Hop New England Ipa
  • ABV: 6,3
  • Balling: 16
  • IBU: 45

DDH = double dry hopped


Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat malt, oat flakes, hop (Kohatu), yeast


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