About the tour

The brewery tour is a special educational program, which brings the people closer to truly knowing what uncompromised beer-making is, and getting to know the ingredients and technologies used in the process.

FIRST Craft Beer’s brewery is a special attraction, which not only is an open-to public unit, but also contains a Taproom.

The taproom is a tasting facility which is located inside the brewery. Through a glass wall, you can observe the brewing unit itself. The Taproom provides freshly-brewed beer for tasting, from our variety of fragrant and flavourful selections, even takeaway purchases are available.

Aprox. 40 minutes of brewery touring

Getting to know the ingredients

Getting to know the process

Getting to know the philosophy behind FIRST Craft Beer

Adult ticket

3990 Ft / person

The ticket includes the tour itself, and 4×2 dl of beer to taste in the Taproom.

FIRST Craft Beer uses the worlds most modern and performant technologies and equipments available.

True coordination between human knowledge and technology, biological and chemical processes are needed to obtain uncompromised beer. Be a part of this miracle!

Get to know the system of beer styles, inquire into the family-tree of beers.

FIRST Craft Beer

1044 Budapest, Váci út 83.



Make a reservation

Our tours take place each Friday from 19:00 and Saturday from 18:00 and 19:00


In order to sign up, you need to purchase your ticket online, 3 days prior to the tour (Wednesday). Please fill out the form correctly.
Payment details will be sent via e-mail after the reservation was made.

June 2020
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After the tour, we invite you to check out our Taproom, where you can experience our freshly-brewed beers first-hand!

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